Why Toronto is a great place to study? Popular Destination For Students

Toronto is Canada’s largest city and you should consider studying there. Toronto is an English-speaking city in Ontario that is multicultural and cosmopolitan.

Toronto, ranked 13 in QS Top Student Cities is open to international students from over 160 nations. You will find a wide range of well-respected universities here, as well as a large, friendly atmosphere. Living costs Jean Chen University of Toronto and fees are also slightly lower in Canada than in the United States. It is also a major financial and business centre and third-largest television and film production hub after Los Angeles.

Continue reading to discover why Toronto is such a great city to live and study.

Top-Notch International Universities

Canadian education systems are known for their high quality. Toronto, however, has the most top-ranked colleges and universities. Six of Canada’s top-ten universities are located within Ontario, including Queen’s University and the University of Waterloo. Ontario also ranks highest in the QS ranking with more than 10 academic institutes ranked compared to three in British Columbia (and six in Quebec).

Toronto Benefits of Living and Studying

International students pay tuition fees each year that can range from C$ 15,000 up to C$ 65,000. (Depending on your university and chosen course)

  1. Accommodation

Toronto has many options for comfortable housing. International students have many housing options available, including host families or university residences.

The cost of living in Toronto’s on-campus housing can range between CA $3000 and $7500 per calendar year. University of Toronto claims that international students pay between CA $1.080 and CA $2.982 for on-campus accommodation. The cost of off-campus accommodation is between CA $750 & $2200 per monthly.

  • Transport
  • Most international students prefer the bus or metro as their preferred mode of transportation. Walking is an option if you live close to your educational institution.

    Monthly train passes are priced between CA $80 – $110, but students who have verified IDs could qualify for a discount.

    Career Prospects

    Toronto is known for its great job opportunities. Canada’s economic powerhouse, Toronto offers jobs in banking, manufacturing, and information and technology. Toronto students have the best chance of landing internships at major companies. Toronto has been a stable city in terms of job growth, which makes it easy to settle down for international students after graduation.

    City Life Benefits

    Toronto is known for its unique blend between vibrant urban life, diverse natural landscapes and a unique sense of humor. It has evolved into a bustling metropolis with many things to offer its residents. The city is known for its role as Canada’s capital for culture, arts, business and communication. Attractive conservation areas, skilled musicians, and acceptance of people from all ethnicities contribute to Toronto’s cultural diversity. Toronto is an excellent place to learn performing arts and festivals.

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